shipping & return policies

We are pleased to announce that our shipping peanuts are now not only fully compostable, but dissolve in water.  Hooray!  

Turtle Alley ships UPS Monday-Friday.

Orders take 1- 2 business days to process. Each shipping business day ends at 3 pm Eastern Time. Orders received after 3 pm EST will be processed on the following shipping day.

All orders will ship UPS ground unless other arrangements have been made.

When shipping to warmer climes, or across the country, expedited shipping is recommended. If expedited shipping is not chosen, Turtle Alley is not responsible for the condition in which your product arrives.  Shipping to Southern states should be no longer than 2nd Day Air.

Shipping during June, July, and August is a dicey proposition. Mother Nature often wins.  Turtle Alley will not be responsible for product condition during summer months unless no less than Next Day Air shipping is chosen.  States in the New England region are next day due to proximity, therefore, UPS Ground shipping is adequate.

Returns or refunds will be awarded upon careful research of each incident.  We strive for perfection, but are alas are mere humans!

Turtle Alley does not guarantee the condition of cherries or caramel apples when they are shipped. Both are fragile, and shipping is at the customer's risk only.

Turtle Alley cannot except returns.